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Auction Sellers

Thinking of selling a property at auction? That's great! You'll find that an auction conducted by Arizona Resource Realty Group offers you several advantages as a seller:
 Where To Begin

Call Arizona Resource Realty's Premier Auction Program  at (877) 474-2555. We will evaluate your property, talk about your specific needs and goals, and help you determine whether an auction is right for you. Arizona Resource Realty also has Referral Partners throughout the United States. So regardless of where your property is we can professionally assist you in the sale.

Our marketing executives will visit with you, view your property, and discuss the various options best suited for selling your property at auction.
Once you've decided to sell your property, we will implement our marketing plan that was designed to reach your targeted market. The marketing plan may include the following depending on the location:

  •  Proprietary buyer tracking system.
  •  A specific plan and schedule for ad placements.
  • Extensive direct mail, telephone, and email marketing efforts will be used.
  • An outline of any public relations efforts to be used to supplement the advertising and direct marketing effort.
  • Use of the Arizona Resource Realty's Premier Auction website to draw people to your property, provide information and facilitate bidding.
  • Arizona Resource Realty's Agent will conduct the property inspections during the marketing period.
  • A detailed Property Information Packet is typically prepared to assist buyers in their evaluation and due diligence process.